You can hear this obstacle clicking its 1,000 yellow tongues at you, just waiting for you to run right into its gaping mouth as you approach it. Others go ahead before you as you try to tell yourself that the challenge is manageable while watching them go through it. You’ll realise though, when it’s soon your turn that you’re about to dash through 10,000 volts of electricity. Hits you like a rock…well actually a lightning bolt…


Forcing Mudders to crawl under a deceptively heavy, water-filled liner, Birth Canal is as deceivingly tough as it is physically challenging. As Mudders pass through this obstacle, the water pushing down above them forces them to push back up and keep moving toward daylight.

There’s only one way out of this one, so start moving and don’t stop. Make yourself small by laying as flat as possible with your chest on the ground. Pull yourself along the canal with your arms to the outside and drive your feet against the wooden structure. If you stop midway, the water will settle and press you into the ground – so don’t stop pushing.


Tought you’ll be jumping small rods and super tough, and super high, this 12-foot (3.6m) monster wall will be standing in your way when you are physically drained and mentally exhausted. Good job you brought those teammates with you till this stage but now you’ll have to face the fourt and expect to meet one other along the way.

First job is to get a few people to the top. Pick the strongest, they’ll have a lot of lifting to do. After that you can give each other boosts up while the others lift you up from above. The final person in the team should take a run up and leap as high as they can, the others will catch them and up and over you all go.


Arctic Enema – an ironic name given that it will have you clenching your cheeks at the prospect of sliding into ice cold water under a chain link fence, with only chunks of ice to keep you company as you swim through the pool.

All we can say is do it as quick as you can! Once you get to the other side do some jumping jacks or some running on the spot to warm yourself up. Fail to do this and you could be jeopardising your whole run.


A web of tight ropes, suspended over a water pit.
Going through this obstacle will make you wish you had four extra limbs to balance yourself. Grab on whichever ropes you can find and try to work your balance while other challengers interrupt it.


This is Pyramid Scheme, where your teammates and other Mudders are the most important asset you’ve got. Like the unsustainable business model it was named after, you’re going to have to take advantage of those around you to succeed.


This one’s all about you: 4 unique challenges—balance beam, wall traverse, and two tests of grip-strength—on the biggest obstacle Tough Mudder has ever created.
Keep your core tight and move your feet straight
Push your hands and feet straight into the walls
Channel your inner child on the ring swing


A 12-foot quarter-pipe that’s all about sprinting and commitment.
Sprint all the way up
Grab an outstretched arm
Swing your leg up


This straight-shooting’ obstacle is all about teamwork – and balance. To conquer this see-sawing triangular platform all you gotta do is grab a teammate, hold on tight and do the Mudder Shuffle.


We’ll see you a fireman’s carry and raise you a Hero Carry. Hop on a fellow Mudder’s back and take a ride, getting them nice and muddy along the way. Don’t get too comfortable though, because half way through it’ your turn to do the carrying. We hope your quads are as ready as they look.