You can’t have a festive season without some gift-giving involved, but let’s get real, how many colognes, coupons, and bottles of wine are you going to give before the magic of the moment starts to fizzle out and gift-giving just becomes a boring shore?

Since you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably already on the way to -I’m tired of looking for gifts- town.

You also know what we’re about to say: Gift a ticket to Tough Mudder!

We’ve heard all the reasons why not before: What if they won’t want to go? What if they’re not into getting drenched in mud? What if they’re not physically activity-kind of people? (Which, let’s face it, described a lot of people)

Before you write us off, take a look at these 3 reasons why Tough Mudder may be exactly the perfect gift that’ll hit right home, even if your recipient is a couch potato.

1. You get to enjoy your Christmas gift together

Candles, gift baskets, clothes, accessories.. these are all great gifts, but they’re not things you can really enjoy together. Beyond everything else, gifts are how we show to the people we care about that the time we share with them is important to us.

Between Covid-19 and lockdowns and tough work schedules, keeping regular contact with the people we love has not been easy. What better way to change direction than by tackling teamwork-demanding obstacles?

If you buy a ticket to Tough Mudder for yourself and your relative or friend, you’re creating the opportunity to reunite. The gift is for an event that lasts a day, but the memories you create together will last a lifetime.

P.S: Who knows, you may be able to convince your other friends/relatives to join in, get a ticket, and form a team!

2. It reintroduces physical activity into your life in a fun way (unlike the gym)

Almost as consistent a December tradition as gift-giving is promising to start hitting the gym come January. We’re going to wager it’s been on your list of ‘New Year Resolutions’ a couple of times (hehe, hold on, is it on this year’s too?). Starting a more physically active lifestyle is hard, it’s extra hard when there’s no fun or actual goalpost involved (besides losing x amount of kg).

In our younger years, staying fit was a lot easier because playing and running around was normal. So perhaps it’s time we cancelled adulthood and realised that play is serious business. Tough Mudder is all about making physically activity fun again. There are no ranks, no time limits, and at the end of the course, you’ll have live music, street food, showers, and fellow mudders waiting to celebrate with you.

3. For thousands of people, Tough Mudder becomes a tradition

You and your friend won’t just be sharing a goal – to get in shape for Tough Mudder – you’ll also be connecting with hundreds of other people who are also using Tough Mudder as a way to introduce activity back into their lifestyle.

Not only will you want to do Tough Mudder again, you’ll want to do Tough Mudder in different countries! Tough Mudder takes place in a large number of countries from Germany to Oman, Great Britain to Australia, New Zealand to Pennsylvania and the number is growing! This is an excellent way to make lifelong friends from around the globe.


Just think about the gorgeous pictures you and your loved ones will have thanks to Tough Mudder! No selfie taken in your friend’s living room is going to compare to something like this: