You might enjoy clambering over them, sharing photos of you conquering them and designing them yourself, but which obstacle matches your personality? No we haven’t lost the plot but yes lockdown is very long and without events we’ve had think of some weird new ways to talk about obstacles. Enough questions? Let’s find out what it means if you think you’re more of a Mudderhorn than a Mud Mile (just go with it okay).


We’ve chosen four of our favorite Tough Mudder obstacles which clearly represent personality types. If you’re looking for some intelligent insight into your psyche – this isn’t it. However, if you want to waste five minutes in the zoom meeting that could have been an email, then honey, this is for you.


Some people love it and others would rather do Arctic Enema repeatedly on an October day than set foot anywhere near finisher obstacle Electroshock Therapy. If you find that people either want to be your best friend or can’t stand to be anywhere near you, EST is for you. Those of us who identify most with this sparky number are likely to be blunt, bossy and to take no bullsh*t. It might sound bad but this person is a badass. They definitely don’t whine (kids whine) and they’ll give you the tough love you need to get over any obstacle.


Mighty Mudderhorn stands proud over all obstacles. If you and Mudderhorn are one and the same (or as much as you can be with scaffolding and net) then you’re likely to be proud, sophisticated and unique. Mudderhorn is the tallest ever obstacle on course after all. At an event you’ll be the leader (although it might put you at odds with your friend, EST) but instead of telling your team what they don’t want to hear, you’ll be inspiring them with motivational speeches and tales of adventures gone by to get them over the finish line.


Look, everyone wants to be Block Ness Monster. Consistently voted Mudder Nation’s favorite obstacle Block Ness Monster is beloved as our most fun obstacle and the one which requires absolutely everyone to work together. Block Ness Monster Mudders are always up for a laugh, they have a silly sense of humor but they’re always ready to pitch in and help anyone and everyone when the time calls. If you think you’re Block Ness Monster, we suggest you ask your teammates, it’s very possible you’re a little more Mud Mile.


Ah Mud Mile, just as fun and friendly as its friend Block Ness Monster but somehow in a much less refined way. Mud Mile Mudders are loud, excitable and a little bit messy (okay a lot a bit messy). You could be considered a Mud Mile if you always forget things you need for event day but never let it spoil your buzz. You’re probably a legionnaire with plenty of laps under your belt because it won’t matter how many times you tackle an obstacle, you’re always ready to go again once you hear the first few notes of Eye of The Tiger.