Partnership with Malta Wristbands

A great deal of preparation goes into the logistics and planning of the Tough Mudder event and our team work hard to bring it all together to bring our athletes a great event. One important aspect is the scheduling of the day and how best to organise competitors, staff and spectators easily. With so many athletes taking part we break out groups into different start times and the best way to do this is with wristbands which indicate the appropriate time. Similarly we can use the same idea when identifying spectators, staff and any different groups which are part of the event.

Whilst many people will think of nightclubs or discos when wristbands come to mind, they are used in a wide variety of venues all over the island. The most popular TYVEK bands are the very strong paper material ones that are used one time and cannot be removed or transferred. They can be worn by adults or children and are a great solution to control entry management or to separate groups using the different colours. For TOUGH MUDDER we opted for the Tyvek wristbands which allow our athletes and spectators to be easily identified and ensure a smooth event.

The team at MALTA WRISTBANDS provide a great service and helped us come up with the relevant designs needed for us. They have a wide variety of colours which ensures that each group can be co-ordinated and easily recognisable from the other. The Tyvek wristbands are highly durable and can withstand water and of course mud! We were able to customize them fully by printing the event logo together with the relevant information onto the wristbands.

They also supply other types of identity solution products such as Fabric festival wristbands, Silicone charity wristbands and lanyards. We would like to thank Daniel and the rest of the team for their assistance with our wristbands and look forward to working with them again for our next event. You can design your own wristbands by logging onto their site here.