We’re living through a pretty unprecedented time Mudder Nation and with countless companies moving their workforce out of the office we’re spending a lot of time in our homes. With none of the office politics, smelly lunches or troublesome commutes, working everyday in your favorite place is surely the dream? Not so fast.

So from our living room to yours and using our favorite metaphor (everything = an obstacle) these are the top five obstacles you’ll face when working from home.


A strange phenomenon occurs when working from home, somehow although you’re doing the least exercise you’ve ever done in your life, all you want to do is eat. Held inside the fridge’s chilly realm are lots of things to eat, from tasty snacks like yogurt and chocolate to the bizarre dregs of the vegetable drawer – but anything is edible if you try hard enough. If you want us on a weekday between the hours of nine and five, we’ll have our heads stuck in the fridge. See you there.


Oh Mudder Nation, anyone who works from home starts with such good intentions. They’ll find a desk or a table, set up their screens, bring over a couple of pens and a pad and in the morning they’ll shower and dress and sit at their makeshift desk ready to work – so idyllic. Fast forward a couple of weeks and you’ll find them unwashed, in pajamas and slumped on the sofa, laptop balancing precariously on one knee. The sofa is soft, the sofa is warm, why would you work anywhere else other than the sofa? Oh yeah, productivity…


If you’ve ended up on the sofa there’s no way that you haven’t slipped into TV land yet. You might have tried to resist but the day will come when you’ll just pop it on for some lunchtime viewing and from then, it will never be off. When else will you have the chance to enjoy daytime TV? Endless reruns of Friends and The Price is Right await you, there is no escape.


If you end up in bed there really is no coming back – you might as well hand in your two weeks. The thing is, that it always seems such a good idea to begin with. You wanted a change of scenery perhaps, or maybe your dining room chair is just far too uncomfortable – either way the second you choose to work from bed you’re surrendering to the working from home cardinal sin…napping.


Little fuzzy Mr. Tinklefloof probably seemed like a welcome comfort on those first few days, especially if you’re stuck working from home alone. He was company, you could talk to him about anything (even that really passive aggressive email exchange you promised you wouldn’t complain about). He just looks at you with loving eyes and soft, soft fur, he accepts you. Until Mr. Tinklefloof realizes you aren’t going to work anytime soon and yes you will be here interrupting sofa-scratching time every. single. day. Then Mr. Tinklefloof decides to jump on your laptop during a video conference with the CEO and your boss and your boss’ boss. Dammit Mr. Tinklefloof.